gastronomy experience

the real neapolitan flavours

food experience

the real neapolitan flavours

The main aim of our staff is to make our guests live an authentic food experience through the historical and cultural discovery of our local products. Each of them release perfumes, flavours and spread around sensations and emotions; furthermore, they express also the historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage.

mozzarella experience

Imagine how fascinating and emotional can be to assist and at the same time take part to all the different processes needed to make the mozzarella: one of the most famous specialities of our land.
For one day in your private villa a “Casaro Corner” will be arranged. A corner where all the details will be taken care of and where you will also find all the essential tools to make the mozzarella.
A Master will show you how to make a homemade mozzarella following the old Neapolitan Tradition. All the steps from the first until the very last will be carefully illustrated by our expertise for you to learn about all his secrets of producing a real mozzarella; in the meanwhile you are going to get your hands dirty cooperating with him in making the mozzarella and other local products, by the way all this while staying comfortably in your villa!
“Mozzarella Experience” is going to conclude with a tasting session of our local products such as: fior di latte prepared on the spot, crispy wafer bread with ricotta, honey and sprinkled walnuts, Provolone del Monaco Cheese and Local Pork Salami Cold Cut chopped on the spot.

pizza experience

The Pizza is one of the most famous and appreciated meals in the world. “To make a Pizza” is an art, a tradition which is passed from father to son.
The Pizza Experience is going to give you the chance to learn about the art of making the Neapolitan Pizza. It will be a discovery travel through the secret of the pizza, but also an enjoyable experience in which you have the chance to be “pizzaiolo” for one day.
Our staff will bring into your villa a “Pizzaiolo” master and all the essential tools to knead and stuff the pizza. During this specific day you will be shown all the most important techniques to make a pizza such as: how to make pizza dough, how to hand stretch it, how to properly stuff a pizza and how to bake it.
In the end will be the time for you to show us what you have learned during the day and make your own pizza and stuff it with our local products you like the most.
The Fried Pizza is another typical Neapolitan delicac. Our Pizza Master will reveal all the secrets to prepare and cook it: boiling oil, a few minutes of cooking, the wrapping paper, the explosion of flavor … fried pizza is a unique experience that will win you over for its aroma, flavor and crunchiness.

street food experience

We select the most delicious street food specialities of our culinary tradition and we are going to prepare them directly in your villa.
This is a real cooking show to exalt the perfumes, colours and flavours of our traditional street food. Fried Cod Fish, Fried Pizza, Fried Risotto Balls Arancini, Crocché (Fried Bread Crumbs with mashed potatoes), Scagliozzi (fried Polenta), fried panzerotti and this is just an example of what we could prepare if you choose our “Street Food Experience”
We use high quality products and traditional recipes passed from generation to generation. In other words you are going to have a unique gastronomy experience which will make a little bit “on the road” your holiday.

gin experience

A professional barman will guide you on this experiential journey to discover GIN.
You will learn how to create excellent cocktails, mixing spices and tonics to obtain a perfect, pleasant and fragrant gin and tonic.
You will take home a lot of curiosities, tricks of the trade and recipes … for a unique experience!

rum experience

Rum is a distillate with a long and interesting history behind it and it has precise and fascinating sensory characteristics, both to be known theoretically and to be tasted. Run now is more and more fashionable, appreciated and used both for mixology and for tastings in the glass and culinary combinations, but for many it is little known. Our professional barman will guide you to its discovery … revealing its secrets sip by sip.